Friday, 29 July 2011


As my next show is coming up close, I have been working on stock for the layout, again all from Chivers. Here are a few pictures that I have taken over the past couple of weeks.

No.1, 'Hannah' and No.6 on shed

'Kennet' on a freight train in the platform.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

P-Way On Engine Shed Point

When I built Touchwood, in my hast to make the points look better I cut the sticking up bits of the tie bar, well this caused problems on this point and the left had blade started to spring up onto the running rail.

Me and a friend tried fixing this by soldering a strip of cooper clad to the noise that was the problem, but managed to solder the point together, so the point was needed to be lifted and a new one fitted.

A bit of water on the ballast, some scrapping of the ballast and the help of a vacumn got rid of the ballast ready for the new point.

New point installed, droppers soldered back in place, managed to re fit the iso fishplates, all tested and works.

All that is left to be done is paint the rail web and then reballast and everything will be back as it was.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Midhurst 2011

On the 27th Feb 2011 Touchwood took the short trip to Midhurst Modellers show, other than the line regular locos, there were a couple of visitors throughout the day.

Other the day a Garret tractor turned up in the yard for some coal.

Visiting 0-6-0 tank engine 'Joseph' Pulls a good train into the platform running bunker 1st,(not often seen) while james departs the goods yard with another goods train.

'Joseph' sits at the water tower on the head shunt.

'Jayne' pulls a mixed train into the loop.

Another visiting loco, Fleishman Magic train, shunts a goods train in the yard.

'Jayne' sits in the shed waiting for her next turn, while 'Ethal' taks on coal, and the visiting 0-4-0 awaits a job.
'Andrew' a modified LGB Gnomy tram awaits the guard right away with a passenger train.
Bachmann porter 0-4-2 and 'Oppy' take out a good train, either they have a heavy load to pick up on route, or Oppy is having problems.

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Finer Details

As one of the workers welds one of the out of service locos boilers, 'Jayne' runs into Touchwood with a passenger train. 'Hannah' and 'Gnomy' wait for their next turn.

'Kennet' shunts a flat wagon with a stationery engine to be unloaded by the crane, the operator waits by the crane.

'Ethel' runs road its short box van train as the gardener digs the stations flower beds. The man in the long jacket on the platform has just taken a picture as the engine runs road.

'Kennet' takes a break from shunting, as one of the yard workers eats his lunch and has a cuppa.

'Hannah' gets ready to depart from Touchwood with a passenger train. The porter has just picked up a bag that was taken off the train that as come open, the owner of the bag looks on as the station master scratchs his head as to what to do.

Have final got round to adding a bag to the water tank which is on the head shunt for the run road loop.

I made this and the one on the crane in the yard out of heat shrink.

Keep an eye for more pictures soon.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Exhibition Dates 2011

Sunday 27th Midhurst Modellers Exhibition, The Grange, Midhurst, West Sussex.

Saturday 28th Sussex Downs 009 group members day, Wivelsfield, Village Hall, West Sussex.

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July, Amberley Muesum Railway Gala Weekend, Amberley Muesum, Amberley West Sussex.

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th Woking Model Railway Show.
Saturday 17th September Surrey Narrow Gaugers, Narrow But Nice, Merstham Village Hall, Station Approach, North Merstham, RH1 3ED.

These are the current dates that I have in my diary for Exhibtions for Touchwood. If you are interested in inviting Touchwood to your show please contact me, or if the show I am already going to are local to you, you could always come along and see the layout in person.

Goods Stock

95% of the goods stock that runs on Touchwood is built frm Chivers Kits, but there are two PECO goods wagons that do run on the railway too.

Tank Wagon, Built for a Chivers wagon chassis kit, the tank is from an old Hornby ESSO tank wagon.

At present there are two of these two plank open wagons, at times they can be seen with different types of goods carried in them.
These are built from Chivers kits, and there are two more in the pipe line.

The railway has two of these four plank wagons which are both used for coal transport, one is full and the over is empty.
These are again built from Chivers kits.

As all good bolsters come in pairs, the railway have a pair of these, they are always found coupled together, they will be used to carry rail intime.
These are made from Chivers kits.

Here we have two box vans, used to move the either boxed or loose produce from or to the Market.
On of there is a PECO kits and the other Chivers, there are two more of these in the works.
Break vans, the railway at present owns two of these. They are also at times used for extra goods holding.
On of these is Chivers kits the other a Wightlines GVT Van.
There are other wagons that I havent yet managed to take photos of as theses are not 100% finished yet, but will be added as and when.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Passenger Coaches

4 wheeled coaches.
The total rake consists of 3 coaches.
Coaches are made from Peco kits
American stlye Bogies coaches
The toal rake consists of two coaches at present, the second is still in the paint shop.
Both built from chivers kits
Bogie tram stlye coach.
There is only one of these in a rake.
I believe that this has been kit bashed from kits that made 4 wheeled coaches.