Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Passenger Coaches

4 wheeled coaches.
The total rake consists of 3 coaches.
Coaches are made from Peco kits
American stlye Bogies coaches
The toal rake consists of two coaches at present, the second is still in the paint shop.
Both built from chivers kits
Bogie tram stlye coach.
There is only one of these in a rake.
I believe that this has been kit bashed from kits that made 4 wheeled coaches.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


No.1 Hannah
Andrew Barclay well tank 0-4-0

Built for an S&D Kit on a Mehno Chassis

No.2 Jayne
Freelance 0-4-0 Saddle Tank

Built for a Smallbrook resin kit on a Hornby Smokey Joe Chassis

No.3 Oppy
Freelance 0-6-0 Jackshaft Diesel

Built on a Bachmann 03 chassis, the bonnet comes from a Dapol 03 kit and cab scratch built

No.4 James
0-4-0 Freelance tender loco

Built on a Dapol Pug chassis, from a springside sugarcane loco kit.

LGB Gnomy steam tram

Built on a Bachmann Underground Ernie Chassis, Body is an LGB Kids toy, know as a Gnomy, fitted with boiler and tanks from a Hornby

0-4-0 Freelance small saddle tank

Built on a dapol pug chassis, for a springside kit

0-4-0 Large Hunslet

Built form a PECO kits, on a Hornby Smokey Joe chassis

Ruston Hornsby

Built from a Wrightlines kit, on a Tenshodo chassis

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


My layout has become famous, after an outing to Worthing Model Railway show, it was filmed by Daves Railway films and is seen on the Worthing 2010 DVD, and the layout is the main feature on the DVDs Cover.

This can be found at http://www.railwayfilms.co.uk/