Thursday, 2 December 2010


No.1 Hannah
Andrew Barclay well tank 0-4-0

Built for an S&D Kit on a Mehno Chassis

No.2 Jayne
Freelance 0-4-0 Saddle Tank

Built for a Smallbrook resin kit on a Hornby Smokey Joe Chassis

No.3 Oppy
Freelance 0-6-0 Jackshaft Diesel

Built on a Bachmann 03 chassis, the bonnet comes from a Dapol 03 kit and cab scratch built

No.4 James
0-4-0 Freelance tender loco

Built on a Dapol Pug chassis, from a springside sugarcane loco kit.

LGB Gnomy steam tram

Built on a Bachmann Underground Ernie Chassis, Body is an LGB Kids toy, know as a Gnomy, fitted with boiler and tanks from a Hornby

0-4-0 Freelance small saddle tank

Built on a dapol pug chassis, for a springside kit

0-4-0 Large Hunslet

Built form a PECO kits, on a Hornby Smokey Joe chassis

Ruston Hornsby

Built from a Wrightlines kit, on a Tenshodo chassis

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