Friday, 28 January 2011

Goods Stock

95% of the goods stock that runs on Touchwood is built frm Chivers Kits, but there are two PECO goods wagons that do run on the railway too.

Tank Wagon, Built for a Chivers wagon chassis kit, the tank is from an old Hornby ESSO tank wagon.

At present there are two of these two plank open wagons, at times they can be seen with different types of goods carried in them.
These are built from Chivers kits, and there are two more in the pipe line.

The railway has two of these four plank wagons which are both used for coal transport, one is full and the over is empty.
These are again built from Chivers kits.

As all good bolsters come in pairs, the railway have a pair of these, they are always found coupled together, they will be used to carry rail intime.
These are made from Chivers kits.

Here we have two box vans, used to move the either boxed or loose produce from or to the Market.
On of there is a PECO kits and the other Chivers, there are two more of these in the works.
Break vans, the railway at present owns two of these. They are also at times used for extra goods holding.
On of these is Chivers kits the other a Wightlines GVT Van.
There are other wagons that I havent yet managed to take photos of as theses are not 100% finished yet, but will be added as and when.

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