Monday, 14 February 2011

The Finer Details

As one of the workers welds one of the out of service locos boilers, 'Jayne' runs into Touchwood with a passenger train. 'Hannah' and 'Gnomy' wait for their next turn.

'Kennet' shunts a flat wagon with a stationery engine to be unloaded by the crane, the operator waits by the crane.

'Ethel' runs road its short box van train as the gardener digs the stations flower beds. The man in the long jacket on the platform has just taken a picture as the engine runs road.

'Kennet' takes a break from shunting, as one of the yard workers eats his lunch and has a cuppa.

'Hannah' gets ready to depart from Touchwood with a passenger train. The porter has just picked up a bag that was taken off the train that as come open, the owner of the bag looks on as the station master scratchs his head as to what to do.

Have final got round to adding a bag to the water tank which is on the head shunt for the run road loop.

I made this and the one on the crane in the yard out of heat shrink.

Keep an eye for more pictures soon.

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